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Dynamics CRM 2011 System Maintenance - Urgent (Resolved) Critical
  • 11/18/2016 22:00 - 04/15/2018 05:08
  • Last Updated 11/16/2016 01:59

Think Swift Technology is committed to keeping you informed about any changes in the status of your service with us. This email is to alert you regarding a scheduled service maintenance window that will affect your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 service.  This scheduled maintenance is critical as the SSL certificates on the CRM server farm will be expiring on November 28th, 2016 and new certificates are necessary for continued service.


Start time:  10:00 pm EST, Friday November 18, 2016

End time:    12:00 am EST, Sunday September 20, 2016


During this maintenance window, you will experience frequent interruptions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 service while we complete the maintenance activities; the interruptions are expected to last throughout the weekend and it is expected that CRM will be offline during this time.

Think Swift customers receiving Dynamics CRM 2011 service should expect scheduled downtime during this period.




Think Swift Support

Dynamics CRM 2011 Scheduled Maintenance (Resolved) High

Affecting System - Dynamics CRM 2011 Scheduled Maintenance

  • 09/17/2016 12:00 - 10/07/2016 01:55
  • Last Updated 09/16/2016 01:54

Think Swift Technology is committed to keeping you informed about any changes in the status of your service with us. This email is to alert you regarding a scheduled service maintenance window that will affect your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 service:


Start time:  12:00 pm EST, Saturday September 17, 2016

End time:    3:00 pm EST, Saturday September 17, 2016


Expected Outage/Downtime: possible 3 hours.

During this maintenance window, you will experience frequent interruptions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 service while we complete the maintenance activities; the interruptions are expected to last for a possible of 3 hours. 

Think Swift customers receiving Dynamics CRM 2011 service should expect interruption.




Think Swift Support

Smartermail Mail Issues (Resolved) High
  • 05/09/2016 18:07 - 05/10/2016 17:08
  • Last Updated 05/10/2016 17:08

UPDATE - 05/10/16 - 5:08PM EST

We have applied a patch that we believe will help resolve the issue.  Please let us know if you continue to experience bounce backs for e-mails sent past this time.

Thanks for your patience


A number of clients have reported issues when sending emails. Emails in some cases are being spooled and then rejected for delivery.

After some investigation this appears to be a known SmarterMail issue with some configurations of the latest version of SmarterMail. 

This issue is being actively worked on by our support team along with SmarterMail support. We expect a resolution shortly.

Network Perimeter Upgrade (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Other - Network Perimeter

  • 05/06/2016 22:00 - 09/15/2016 08:34
  • Last Updated 05/06/2016 10:15

Friday May 6th,  between 10pm and 2am we will be performing upgrades to some of our network perimeter hardware infrastructure.  These upgrades will allow us to improve redundancy and latency for the connections between our services and our backbone internet connections.


During the upgrade time you may experience periodic connection slow-downs and interruptions in connectivity while traffic routes are updated. All hosted services will be affected by this upgrade and network concurrency and throughput should be improved for all services as  a result

Smartermail Maintenance (Resolved) Medium

Affecting System - Smartermail Server

  • 05/06/2016 21:00 - 09/15/2016 08:34
  • Last Updated 04/29/2016 12:59

We will be updating our SmarterMail email services on Friday May 6th from 9pm to 2am. This is a major system upgrade and you will not have access to your regular email services during the upgrade time period. All emails sent to you during the window will be saved and delivered to you after the update is complete but you may not be able to send new messages or access your email during all or portions of this period.


After completion of this upgrade our SmarterMail services will be fully updated to the latest versions which includes:


  • Full support for latest email clients
  • Better searching functions
  • Improved system quota notifications
  • Enriched contact and calendar functionality


While you do not have to take any steps to prepare for this upgrade we recommend that all clients using mobile devices with our mail services have their email server settings, username (email address) and password on hand. In some cases mobile devices may need to be reconfigured/re-setup after the upgrade is complete.


If you have further questions about this service update please contact our support desk at    

Network Maintenance (Resolved) Critical
  • 12/03/2015 00:30 - 09/15/2016 08:34
  • Last Updated 12/02/2015 10:23

As a valued customer, thinkSwift is committed to keeping you informed about any changes in the status of your service with us. This email is to alert you regarding the scheduled service interruption we will have on our network :


Start time:  00:30 am eastern 3/Dec/2015

End time:   01:30 am eastern 3/Dec/2015


Expected Outage/Downtime: possible 5-15 minutes



During this maintenance window, you will experience one or more brief interruptions in service while we complete the maintenance activities; the interruptions are expected to last less than possible 5-10 minutes. However, due to the complexity of the work, your downtime may be longer.


thinkSwift customers receiving service should expect interruption.



thinkSwift team

iCare updates (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - Managed anti-virus and Agent updates

  • 10/13/2015 17:00 - 10/13/2015 17:20
  • Last Updated 12/02/2015 10:21

We've pushed updates across the board to all of our clients for a more robust and secure anti-virus and remote monitoring.

As a result, your system may prompt you to save all of your work and reboot your system.  Please go ahead and do so to insure the update's are done as scheduled.

Thanks in advance

thinkSwift team

Active Sync on Smartermail (Resolved) Medium

Affecting System - Smartermail email

  • 09/11/2015 08:25
  • Last Updated 09/11/2015 20:57

At this time we are experiencing an issue with the Exchange Active Sync feature on our SmarterMail hosted email platform.

No email services are directly affected, users can send and receive emails normally. Affected users may experience delays and/or errors in synching contact and calendar information to their mobile devices with their SmarterMail account.

This is a known issue and we working with software vendor  to resolve it. We expect a resolution in the next few hours.


Update at 12:15pm

We believe this issue has been resolved now and are monitoring further.


Final update. After further monitoring this issue is now confirmed resolved.

Slowness, Quality of Service Issues (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - Network

  • 08/23/2015 14:00
  • Last Updated 08/28/2015 07:02

At this time many customers may be experiencing slowness in connecting to their hosted services and/or quality of service issues (connections broken, VoIP quality issues) with their services. We have identified the root cause of this issue to be a series of major Distributed Denial of Service attacks against one of our main connectivity providers.

These issues were noted mostly yesterday (Monday the 24th) but are now known to have started intermittently over the previous weekend.

We are working very closely with our connectivity provider to isolate, filter and stop these issues but this matter is out of our direct control. As these attacks are coming from multiple, changing IP ranges and sources they are proving difficult to stop.

We have fully communicated our high level of concern on this issue to the connectivity provider and they have assured us that they are working at full capacity towards a resolution.

**** Update on August 25 ****

There was major packet loss starting around 8:15 to 9 am

Service has been restored to normal parameters. Continuing to work on this issue.

*** Update at 12:27pm ***

Another outage was experienced starting around 12:10 pm for 7 minutes with service starting to be restored at 12:17 and fully restored by 12:25

*** Update at 9:30 am Wednesday ***

Working overnight with our provider a number of countermeasures have been put in place to restore network stability. At this time we are seeing greater stability than previously over the last few days and we have not experienced any service issues outside of VoIP since yesterday mid-day.

Regarding VoIP we are still experiencing intermittent quality of service issues in short busts resulting from short periods of very high network latency. We are continuing to work with the provider to resolve as soon as possible.

*** Update at 3pm Wednesday ***

Major service issues have been resolved. Call quality issues experienced in the morning are believed to be tied partially to the countermeasures put in place overnight.

Further adjustments were made mid-day and we are experiencing good sustained call quality and no service interuptions. We are continuing to monitor the network and calls.

*** Final update at 7am Friday ***

Since adjustments and updates made on Wednesday - ending at about 1pm EST Wednesday no further network issues have been identified. No call quality issues have been noted via our testing or noted by any affected customers.

With 40+ hours of clean running at this point we are closing this advisory as resolved. We will be sending out an RFO to affected customers later today.

Chrome not supported for hosted CRM (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Other - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hosted by Swift

  • 09/11/2014 16:11
  • Last Updated 08/25/2015 08:48

Affected Systems : CRM 2011 and CRM 2013
Expected Resolution: Unknown

As of the latest update of Chrome we are no longer able to support CRM clients who use Chrome as a browser to access the system.

The underlying cause is that with the latest release of Chrome (37) support for a non-standard JavaScript function that the core CRM JavaScript libraries use has been disabled. Removing support for this function means that several pop-windows and dialogs in CRM 2011 and 2013 no longer function at all in Chrome. For a list of some of the affected features see

For more information on the disabled function please see

The function in question is non-standard and has been deprecated (scheduled for removal) from most common browsers including Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Hence we would recommend only using IE as while other browsers besides Chrome may work at present you should expect browsers that are not IE to stop working in the near future.

A resolution for this issue must come from Microsoft and there is no ETA at present for delivery of a resolution.

Also see :

*** Closing Issue ***

This issue will never be resolved as support for CRM 2011 is ending. Users should use IE to access CRM 2011 - other browsers may work but also may encounter issues as above that cannot be resolved.

Outbound call services (Resolved) Critical

Affecting System - VoIP

  • 08/19/2015 16:58 - 08/19/2015 18:10
  • Last Updated 08/19/2015 18:12

Start approx 15 minutes ago there is a reported issue with our main outbound call termination provider. For affected customers many calls made outbound from hosted PBX systems to North American numbers are currently not completable. Toll-free and overseas routed calls are not affected.

We are working with the provider to determine the issue and restore service.

*** Update at 5:25pm ***

One of the major SIP trunking providers went off line - all calls trying to route through this service are failing. Services are being re-routed to additional providers and normal service appears to be largely restored.

** Final Update ***

We have been monitoring since routing changes and no further issues have been reported. Closing this incident at this time. We will be working with the upstream provider to determine more about the root cause and fail-over related to this issue.

Infrastructure and system updates (Resolved) Medium

Affecting System - General network infrastucture

  • 06/04/2015 08:14 - 07/04/2015 08:14
  • Last Updated 07/07/2015 20:16

Over the next month we will be making major upgrades to several aspects of our systems including:

  • Network infrastructure upgrades
  • Hardware upgrades to a number of our servers
  • Major system updates for many hosted PBX (phone) systems.

When complete our network will have greater redundancy, more capacity and less latency (faster) and all our hosted PBX clients will have access to the latest updated features.

The updates will be staggered over the next month and will only take place during normal off-business hour periods.  For many updates you will not experience any interruptions in service, for any interruptions that are required we expect them to be very limited in scope and time (minutes).  When an update is planned that may affect the specific services that you have with us we will be sending you an advisory to that effect before-hand.

We appreciate your business and if you have any questions or concerns regarding these updates please contact our support team. 

CRM slow/unresponsive (Resolved) Critical

Affecting System - Dynamics CRM 2011

  • 06/19/2015 14:13 - 06/19/2015 17:30
  • Last Updated 06/19/2015 18:11

There is ongoing issue originating with the load balancing servers in CRM.

This is rendering the performance of CRM as slow, and in some cases not reachable. 

OUr technicians are onsite working towards resolving this issue.


This issue has been resolved.

A problem router was causing hardware conflict issues within the CRM cluster. The issue was identified and resolved and full normal service has been restored.

During the outage some users would have experienced slowness and workflow processing was either slow and/or stopped depending on the nature of the service. 

Full service has now been restored to the cluster,

Routing issues affecting CRM (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Hosted CRM

  • 05/11/2015 11:38 - 05/11/2015 11:49
  • Last Updated 05/11/2015 11:51

We have become aware of a routing issue affecting the IP block of our hosted CRM solution.

Depending on the ISP used for connectivity some users may not be able to access CRM currently.

**** UPDATE ****

The issue has been resolved and all routes are functioning again normally.

Service Outage Advisory (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Swift Internet

  • 03/04/2015 07:54
  • Last Updated 03/30/2015 14:43

Due to the storm and present power outages- it is currenctly affecting the internet service. As a result, some user's may experience problems connecting to the internet.

We do not presently have an ETA but we will update as more information is provided by hydro.

Sorry for the inconvenience

UPDATE March 4th 2015 @ 9:05AM EST
We have reports of service restoration with the internet service provider.

Network Possible Outage Advisory (Resolved) High
  • 02/10/2015 08:04
  • Last Updated 03/30/2015 14:42

An upstream carrier is currently experiencing a major network incident starting at 4:26am February 8th in the downtown core. The initial root cause is a suspected electrical fire within a Toronto Hydro manhole impacting two main fibre cables. Their fibre planning and field services have been onsite working with emergency and local hydro representatives but at this time have not been able to gain access until such time as the area has been deemed safe to begin repairs.

We're told that at this time, we're advised that all customers who have not been impacted as of yet to note service interruptions are imminent at some point.

We are working with the carrier closely and will update you once we have more information on the incident.

Service degradation (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - network

  • 01/14/2015 16:30 - 01/14/2015 17:10
  • Last Updated 01/14/2015 17:11

One of our upstream network providers is experiencing a degradation in service. Service degradation began about 4:30 PM. Technicians have been working to restore service and at present normal service has been resumed.

Continuing to monitor the situation.

--- 5:10pm ---

Service has been confirmed as fully restored. Issue is considered as resolved.

Network issues (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - Various hosting services

  • 08/12/2014 10:05
  • Last Updated 12/13/2014 05:19

Dear Customers,

We have had reported to us that there are issues accessing some of our services.  It appears to be a routing or network related issue affecting major ISPs.  

We will update as news becomes available.

Sorry for the inconvenience

ThinkSwift Support

Temporary Network Outage RFO (Resolved) Critical

Affecting System - Various System Services

  • 12/05/2014 15:02 - 12/05/2014 16:30
  • Last Updated 12/05/2014 23:59

At approximately 3:00 pm today we experienced a degraded network connection from one of our downline carriers from one of our datacenter locations.  This outage would have affected various hosting customers for different services.  As of 3:40 pm our systems were showing signs of restoration of services and we are happy to report that all systems are reporting fully operational at this time.

We will be following up with the network carrier to get a full briefing and explore options to improve existing redundancies going forward.

If you continue to experience any issues, please refresh your browser cache and/or restart your computer and if the issue continues please open a ticket at

We apologize for any inconvenience

Shared hosting services are down (Resolved) Critical
  • 11/20/2014 17:20 - 11/20/2014 20:30
  • Last Updated 11/20/2014 20:51

To customers that may be experiencing website hosting issues:


Full service was restored around 8:15pm EST. The outage affected a few customers on our our shared linux hosting environments and required the partial restoration of some files from backup. 

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Think Swift Support



As of November 20th at 7:34pm, we've identified what the issue is.  Our support team is working towards a resolution.  

Estimed time of resolution is November 20th at 8:30pm EST.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Think Swift Support


As of November 20th at 5:00pm, we've identified an issue on our shared hosting servers.  Our engineers are currently investigating the issue and working towards a resolution.

Estimated time of resolution is November 20th @ 7:00pm EST.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Think Swift Support

Service Outage Advisory (Resolved) Critical

Affecting System - Markham Data Center

  • 11/07/2014 23:00 - 11/08/2014 07:00
  • Last Updated 11/09/2014 21:38

We will be performing significant upgrades and updates with regards to a number of our hosted services overnight between Friday November 7th and Saturday November 8th. 

During the maintenance window access to some of your Think Swift services will be intermittent and/or unavailable.

Maintenance ETC Start : Friday November 7th at 11 pm Eastern

Maintenance ETC End : Saturday November 8th at 7am Eastern


Services that may or not be affected

  • ​CRM hosting - will not be affected 
  • DNS hosting - will have limited functionality - names will resolve but records will not be editable during the maintenance window
  • Email hosting on Office 365 - will not be affected
  • Email hosting on Smarter Mail - will have limited functionality - incoming messages will continue to be received but you will not be able to send or access email on the server during the maintenance window
  • VPS hosting - servers will not be accessible for portions of time during the maintenance window
  • Web hosting - websites will not be accessible for portions of time during the maintenance window
  • PBX hosting - phone services will be offline for portions of time during the maintenance window

Think Swift and our related vendors will be working hard to ensure that the service interruptions are as limited as possible and we will providing a status update when the work has been completed on our website and via email. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this service advisory please contact

Think Swift Technology

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Emergency Network Maintenance (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Servers

  • 06/22/2014 03:00 - 06/22/2014 06:00
  • Last Updated 07/02/2014 19:48

Please be advised that one of our ISPs will be performing Emergency network maintenance. This maintenance is scheduled for Sunday June 22nd 2014 from 03:00 ET to 06:00 ET.

Customers may notice multiple routing reconvergence and sub-optimal routing as traffic re-routes over our other available Internet Providers and then reconvergence once the sessions are restored. Each reconvergence may last for several minutes.

Planned Network Maintenance (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - CRM

  • 05/02/2014 00:00 - 05/16/2014 03:05
  • Last Updated 04/29/2014 13:45

Dear Swift Customer,

As a valued customer, Swift is committed to keeping you informed about any
changes in the status of your service with us. This is to alert you
regarding maintenance we will be performing on our network:  

Start time: 12:00 am eastern 05/02/2014
End time: 5:00 am eastern 05/02/2014
Expected Outage/Downtime: 2 hours

During this maintenance window, you will experience one or more brief
interruptions in service while we complete the maintenance activities; the
interruptions are expected to last less than 2 hours total. However, due to
the complexity of the work, your downtime may be longer. Customers may also
see some reconvergence during the maintenance window.

Our network operations engineers closely monitor the work and will do
everything possible to minimize any inconvenience to you. If you have any
problems with your connection after this time, or if you have any questions
regarding the maintenance at any point, please call Customer Support at
1-866-967-1067 option 2 or email us at


Think Swift Team

Service Outage (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Other - Nameservers, Hosting, Client Portal

  • 01/26/2014 00:00 - 01/26/2014 03:00
  • Last Updated 04/19/2014 08:51

Dear Valued Customers,

You may experience some outtages between the hours of Saturday January 25th 2014 11:00pm to Sunday January 26th 2014 2:00am due to network upgrades.  Services that may be affected:

Client portal
and potentially a couple others.

We apologize for the inconvenience as we continue to strive towards providing better service to our customers in the most cost effective manner.


Swift Technology

E-mail server maintenance (Resolved) Medium

Affecting System - E-mail

  • 04/18/2014 22:00 - 04/20/2014 20:31
  • Last Updated 04/19/2014 08:51

Dear Customers,

We will be performing some maintenance and upgrades on the server that hosts your email tomorrow evening, Friday April 18th and Saturday April 19th from 11 pm to 3 am.  

This work will require the server to be restarted a number of times and so access to your email services will be intermittently interrupted during that window. Email sent to you during that time will continue to be received by our incoming mail servers but you may not be able to access it or send email during that time. Additionally some devices (Phones and Tablets) may issue warnings about lost connectivity.

If you have any questions about this service please contact

The Swift Team

Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 15 (Resolved) Medium

Affecting System - Dynamics CRM 2011

  • 12/27/2013 12:54 - 12/29/2013 00:00
  • Last Updated 12/28/2013 01:01

Microsoft has released Update Rollup 15.

ThinkSwift will be updating all of it's Dynamics CRM 2011 servers.  We're expected to have everything completed before the 29th but you may experience some intermittent issues during the 27th to the 29th.  Expected downtime is minimal.

This is a tested, cumulative set of updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. It includes performance enhancements that are packaged together for easy deployment.

More information regarding this update rollup can be found here:

General Server Maintenance (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - SSL Certificate Renewals

  • 10/18/2013 23:59 - 12/25/2013 22:28
  • Last Updated 10/02/2013 20:52

We will be updating the SSL certificates on various systems including web and email hosting and automation servers.  You may experience interupted service during the maintenance window although the expected completion is approximately a 4 hour windows commencing on Friday October 18th 11:59 AM EST to Saturday October 19th 4:00 AM EST.

No required action is required on the client side.

Swift Support

Swift Hosted CRM - SSL update (Resolved) High

Affecting System - Dynamics CRM 2011 Swift Hosted

  • 09/20/2013 22:00 - 09/22/2013 01:00
  • Last Updated 09/22/2013 01:38

The SSL certficates (required for provided security to web applications) is scheduled for renewal on the \THINKSWIFTCLOUD Dynamics CRM hosted platform. As such we will be performing an update to the SSL certificates and performing other server and application updates at this time. 

We will be performing this update in a window starting on Friday, September 20th at 10pm EST and ending Saturday, September 21st at 10am EST. During this window the CRM instances will experience slower performance and service outages as the required updates are applied and we recommend that users do not plan to use the system during this window. 

After the updates are performed users may need to restart their browser and/or Outlook to access the CRM resources successfully. 

This update applies only to CRM users who are being hosted on the thinkswiftcloud CRM hosting platform. Users not using CRM or not using CRM hosted on thinkswiftcloud are not affected by this update.


Due to unforseen complications this update window has been extended to 12 noon on Saturday September 21st. Further updates will be posted as they become available.


Due to bugs in the ADFS and IFD deployment configurations we are now in an extended recovery mode. CRM will continue to be offline until extended recovery is completed with an expected ETA of the late evening of Sept 21st.

Status Update- Sept 22, 2013 1:00 AM EST - SSL Certificates have now been fully implemented accross the Dynamics CRM 2011 Swift Hosted server farm and testing is completed.  This scheduled network issue will now be marked RESOLVED.

Dynamics CRM Update Roll-up 12 (Resolved) Medium

Affecting System - Swift Hosted Dynamics CRM

  • 04/19/2013 22:00 - 04/28/2013 00:53
  • Last Updated 04/13/2013 19:59

Dear Dynamics CRM user,

We are contacting you today to let you know that we have scheduled the deployment of a major upgrade to the ThinkSwiftCloud CRM hosting environment on Friday April 19th, 2013

We are very excited about this update. Along with many small bug fixes and improvements, it adds cross-browser support for CRM. This means that you will be able to use non-IE browsers to access your CRM instance. As this is a major upgrade with many changes, potential issues may occur with any customized application code running in your instance. The development teams responsible for the custom code running on your instance have been notified and will be able to make any adjustments, if required, to the system upon completion of the upgrade.

What does this mean for you?

  • Starting at 10PM EST on Friday April 19th and continuing until 6AM EST Saturday April 20th, CRM hosting on ThinkSwiftCloud will be upgraded. This process requires many steps including that certain CRM services to be paused and restarted, and at different times servers to be rebooted. During that time access to CRM services will be degraded and may at times be unavailable, as such we recommend that you do not rely on access to CRM during this time window.
  • On Saturday April 20th,  the functionality of the customized code on your system will be tested by the development team responsible and updates applied as needed. During this day you may potentially encounter some scripting errors or issues as custom codes are being updated at the time  
  • During the upgrade process it is possible that your Outlook may be disconnected from CRM. We recommend that the first time you go to use CRM in Outlook after the update that you: close Outlook, reboot your computer, restart Outlook. 

We will post advisories on the status of this upgrade to the support area of our website found at If you have issues connecting to CRM with Outlook after the 20th, and have already rebooted your system, please contact us at

Finally, If after the 20th you encounter scripting errors or other issues with any customizations on your system, please contact the development team/company responsible for the customizations.


Swift Support Team